Life by Design: Online 10 Week Course


October 21- December 23

Do you long to realize your true purpose and put it out in the world in a bold way? 

We can only meet people in their power, when we can embody that power. In this course we will work together to help find your true voice and reveal your hidden nature. Each week you will take both spiritual and physical steps to create an alignment between inner purpose and outer actions.

By the end of the 10 weeks you will have a comprehensive plan to take you to the next step on your life's path that aligns with your soul's desire.

What's Involved:

  • 10 tele calls with Paula (Saturday's from 9-10am)
  • 10 calls with your peer group 
  • Reading and videos for at home support
  • Weekly projects with insightful feedback
  • Thoughtfully curated workbook that will help you build on the course and be a continuing guide in your journey

In this comprehensive course, you will:

  • Use Jungian shadow work to uncover the most pervasive blocks hindering your growth.
  • Be guided through hypno-meditation to set a clear purpose for your life.
  • When we are not clear about our purpose, we can often feel frightened, frustrated and even depressed. Using select spiritual texts we will create a road map to help understand how to work with anxiety, eating disorders, addiction and depression and other things that maybe symptomatically blocking your path.
  • Move the locked prana in your bodies using yogic breathing and meditation practices designed specifically for you.
  • Set goals that will be witnessed by the group, create a timeline, and clear a direct plan of action to bring your purpose to the world.
“I have been working with Paula for many years and I can wholeheartedly attest that she’s an absolute master of her craft - taking this course with her is an outstanding opportunity! Under the professional and loving guidance of Paula and with the support of your group members, you will dig deep and get real and honest about who you really are and what you actually want in life by uncovering the deep calling of your heart. Not only will you set clear goals and define the next steps, you will also commit to take action and follow through. This course is truly life-changing, transformational and will rock your world!”
— N.Hildebrand, Life By Design Student

Yoga and the Organs- for teachers

Friday Nov 10, 9am-6pm
Saturday, Nov 11, 12pm-6pm
Sunday, Nov 12, 9am-6pm
@ Reflections, Center for Conscious Living and Yoga

$450 Early Bird (before September 15th)
$525 (after Sept 15th)

Join Paula and T’ai Jamar in a weekend of applied yoga. This three day workshop will examine how yoga and healing touch can be applied therapeutically to effect and harmonize the organ system  and the endocrine system. You will learn specific Asanas, verbal cues, and thai techniques to offer in private and public classes.

More description to come plus photos.

30 hours can be applied to 300-hour advance training


    Yoga and the Organs for a Healthy Body

    Sunday, Nov 12th 1-3pm
    Early Bird $40, Drop in $50
    @ Reflections, Center for Conscious Living and Yoga

    In this two hour class you will:

    • Become familiar with organs and endocrine system and what they do.
    • Understand how the asanas work to stimulate, balance and heal the organs and  the endocrine system.
    • Address how yoga can help IBS, Infertility, insomnia,  anxiety and more.
    • Enjoy a class designed specifically for organ health.


    Basic Flow & Stretch: Mondays at 6:30pm
    Bare Bones Basics: Saturdays at 10:30am
    Meditation: Saturdays at 11:30am
    Sweaty Stretch: Saturdays at 12:10pm

    All classes are held at Reflections Center for Conscious Living
    227 E 24th st NYC, NY


    200 Hour Certified Teacher Training: This training explores the body from a holistic perspective, delving into the asanas in their classic form as well as from a developmental perspective. We will help you develop a deep understanding of why the body moves as it does, and teach you how to apply yoga therapeutic techniques to your classes.

    Upcoming 200 Hours Trainings:

    New York City/Reflections
    August 11-20 8:30am – 6:30 pm
    September 8-10 1st Weekend Immersion
    October 13-15 2nd Weekend Immersion

    Costa Rica/Anamaya:
    Jan 5- Feb 2, 2018

    300 Hour Advanced Teacher TrainingPaula teaches the core courses that accompany the Advanced Teacher Training program, thee include Bare Bones Basics, Spiritual Development and Corrective Yoga.

    Upcoming 300 Hour Training Courses: 

    Life By Design (formally known as Spiritual Development)- online 10 week course: Oct 21st -Dec 23rd.


    No Retreats Scheduled