A message from Paula:

In my years of living I came to realize that most people don’t believe they can have the life of their dreams –– so they don’t. It simply takes a dream, the desire and getting to know your demons. Life design gets you in touch with all three so you can create a clear path to the life you should be living.

I created Life Design for 3 reasons:

  1. I believe we each have a life purpose –– a destiny. I know how painful it can be when we are not living that purpose.
  2. I love people and want them to use their gift.  I know that gift, when realized, will do wonderful things for the world. I think thats pretty amazing!  “Serve yourself, serve many” 
  3. But mostly, I want to hang around with people who are thinking big and having fun! 

You can design you. 

Welcome to Life Design and 6 ways you can create it. 


1) Getting started

Life Design Yoga class.

All of Paula’s classes have a provocative theme that will ask you to look deeper than just your favorite yoga pose.

2) Dig in deeper.

Life Design Workshop.

Paula offers her Life Design workshop 4 times a year. During the workshop you will work on a goal and/or a block through asana, meditation, breath work and group discussions. You will leave with a clearer understanding of just what makes you you and the strength to share it with others.

3) Dig in deep and make that one big dream your reality. 

Life Design 10 week online course.

If you have a dream or a goal but you can’t get over the fear of just going for it, this course will help you understand those fears and excuses. It will guide you take real, measurable action. You will tackle your demons and realize you have the strength to reach your dream, your true potential and your purpose.

Students must come with motivation!

4) Take a break and make a real shift.

Life Design Retreats.

Spend a week with Paula resting, relaxing and having fun. These are the best ingredients to make a long lasting change. In this joyful state you will be lead through a series of activities and discussions that will send you home clear, focused and the person you really want to be.

5) Work deeply on making lasting change

Life Design Weekly Counseling.

Paula offers weekly one-on-one counseling sessions. This is a place where you can work deeply with shadows, block and emotional pain.   Using generative trance, meditation and reflections, you will be heard, understood and closely guided with complete accepting and love. We will set goals that will help you get your life on the right track.

6) Ready to change yourself on a cellular level?

Life Design Teacher Trainings.

Get ready for the deep plunge! It is said that it takes 21 days to make real change. Join Paula for "28" days of yoga, learning and deep investigation into yourself, others and life all in the light of yoga. Not all attendees need to become teachers. The process is enriching and transformational for all who attend. 

When clarity and strength join forces we are empowered to design a life of meaning and become the innovators and leaders we were meant to be. 
— Paula Tursi

I just finished this 8 week online Workshop! If you have a dream or a goal that you just can’t seem to get rid of the fear of just going for it.. This workshop will help you understand those fears and excuses and truly get you taking action and realize you have the strength to reach your dream, your true potential and your purpose. You’ll be seeing my dream come to life soon. and you’re all in it!!
— Bill T.
Life design - it’s all in the name. I think sometimes we forget that we are in charge of our own destiny. This course helps re- awaken that dreamer in you and helps you find the tools to make your dream(s) a reality.
— Evelyn M. F.
Anyone and everyone should consider (and then take) the Life Design Training with Paula Tursi. This course is structured in a way that fosters positive development on all levels; personal and professional and allows for baby steps (but in a big way) towards achieving goals that may have once seemed elusive. I am personally so happy with this course. The personal attention from Paula and the intimate conversations with the others in the group, increased my confidence so much that I have taken some steps in my life that I thought would take me much longer to do. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to take the next step in life and leave behind old habits and stories that are likely dragging you down. Just go for it!!
— Mandy L.
Over the past 8 weeks, I have gone through an amazing transformation. I have confronted my fears, noticed the patterns that have held me back and set the most wonderful intentions with actionable goals I have been able to achieve. I have done this under the amazing guidance of Paula Tursi. She is able to create an intimate and supportive group that has helped to make this transformation a reality. Paula’s ability to really understand you and the things that hold you back, all while nurturing you and believing in your innate ability is incomparable. She is able to create an intimacy that I didn’t think was possible through the internet. I can not recommend this course more emphatically. Do yourself a favor and allow Paula to truly help you accomplish the goals you never thought were possible.
— Lisa M.
I had an enormous breakthrough during the course with Paula. Paula has helped me to see how shame, which is a lie told by others, has been adopted by me as my own belief system and how it made me to feel small and restrained in life.
Now that she helped me to become more aware of my negative beliefs and helped me to understand the mechanism behind them, I chose my thoughts and actions more wisely in my daily life. This resulted in a better relationships with other people, the feeling of joy, sense of freedom, accepting myself more fully and unconditionally and the courage to pursue my dreams.

I highly recommend this course with Paula if you’d like to learn more about yourself and your life patterns and get guided through the process of becoming a more true version of yourself and how to live your life purposely.
I enjoyed every single group session with Paula. She is compassionate, fun, gifted and highly talented teacher.
— Tatjana