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Awaken to Your Natural State Using Meditation


A Weekly Class with Paula Tursi at the Open Center
(5 Sessions) Thursdays, Mar 22 – Apr 19, 2018
6:00 – 7:30 pm

Open Center Members $125/ Nonmembers $155
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A part of us lives hidden under the continuous thoughts of the mind. In this course, we will use meditation to lift the shadows that cloud this state and uncover who we really are. Meditation is a natural state, and it is possible to return to this state with minimal effort. It’s time to dispel the myth of stopping thoughts. The heart beats and the mind thinks, and it isn’t possible or necessary to stop thoughts. We will learn a way to park the mind while we get busy living in the now.

We’ll also learn a breathing practice that will create a perfect state of “mind” for meditation, deeply explore the mind-body connection, see how the body releases stress during mediation, practice ways of stilling the mind and replacing chaotic unconscious thoughts with those that create a mental state of peace, and learn how to integrate practices into daily life.



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