Love Note #12


Love Note #12

Shrinking from our Dharma (Our Soul's Mission)
Finding the shadow in our Excuses

Here are a few ways we can shrink instead of expand into life:

  • We refuse to be clear about why we are really here.

Shadow: After all, if its left undefined, we never need to face failure.

  • We are each given a gift and we do something ––– or everything else instead of what we are here to do. 

Shadow: Then we can hide behind the myth that we have no time. 

  • We continue to believe that life should be amazing for everyone else but us. 

Shadow: We expect life to be hard instead of expecting it to be amazing. 

  • We pretend we will get to it tomorrow yet tomorrow never comes. 

Shadow: We distract and procrastinate to avoid owning who we really are. 

In general, we prefer suffering over joy because we never stop to look at the shadow of our actions. We are a divine. Our mission is important, if to no one else, to us. We have but one life, lets live it fully. 

Shadow: What do we have to lose

Love, Paula