Love Note #9


Have you sat down with all the things you are supposed to do and asked yourself why?

Try it. Make a list of all the things you believe you are supposed to do.

Now, try and figure out why you believe that to be true. Who said so?  And even if they said so, why do you need to listen?

Often, we live our lives by other peoples rules and usually never stop to ask what we want.  

Even when we feel we have broken the mold and are doing it “our way”, we typically have picked up the rules of our peer group, our chosen community, instead.  

Here are a few of my "supposed to's":

  • I’m supposed to be spiritual, which means I’m always supposed to be kind and reasonable.
  • I’m supposed to do the right thing, even if that things is wrong for me.
  • I’m supposed to love every minute with my son even if he is a huge pain in the butt. 
  • I’m supposed to do all the right and holistic things for my son because 'I practice yoga' so I feel shame if he watches TV, eats ice cream or spits out his green beans.

Okay, now, here are my choices. Here is what I what I want to do:

  • I want to respond with how I feel even it’s not kind or reasonable.  I want it to be real, have passion and yes, even anger, if I feel it.
  • I want to put myself first and hope everyone else does the same. 
  • I want to love my son deeply and be fully okay with wanting to kill him at times. 
  • I want my son to be happy and have a life of balance.  

Maybe its time for you to make a list and then make a choice. Where is what you are doing contrary to what you want or personally believe? Are you living your life by your own design?

P.S. We both love ice cream, hate green beans and laugh uncontrollably when we do tree pose.

Love, Paula