Love Note #6


I’m a fan of making lists. I like how they make things clear and simple. Here are 4 that can change your life, but you'll need to do all four in order. They work together and build on each other. 

List 1: Your Dreams

Write 3 things you would love to do.

Lose ten pounds.
Become a Rock and Roll singer.
Open a business.
Travel to the moon.

Big or small, if you really want to do it, list it. Don't hold back. Its only a list.. right?

List 2: Changes

Now pick one thing from the first list you really want to see happen, even and especially if it seems scary.

Make a second list of 3 things that you would need to change or do if you were going to make this happen. 

I would need to hang around with people who support me.
I would need to believe I'm good enough.
I would need to talk to my accountant.
I would need to find and talk to Richard Branson.

List 3: Excuses

Now make a list of three things you know about yourself that stop you from living your dream and keep you living small.

You were told you weren’t good enough.
You don’t believe you have time and/or money to do it.
You're too young/old/dumb/under or over qualified.

List 4:  Network for living big

Now the big one-- Make a list of  “favorites” on your phone who you trust and who believe in you. Contact them every time you try to go back to living small. Don't hide in your limiting thoughts. Tell them why you're afraid and listen closely to what they say back. 

Let me know how it goes. I believe in you...

With Love, Paula