Love Note #4

American Gods.

This is my new favorite TV series for many reasons.  I love all media that wakes up my brain and offers a way to think differently about something I might have started sleeping through.

I always believed I appreciated my life –– more specifically the "essence" of being alive.  The most recent episode gave me a sense that perhaps this wasn’t true. I had a palpable experience of what it might feel like if I was looking back and I could see all I had missed. I had a flash of what I had taken for granted and allowed to fall into the realm of ordinary. That even something simple like my coffee in the morning would be missed if I could never do it again –– ever.

I felt my life as an old friend I had taken for granted without considering it wouldn't always be there. It's true, I had been forgetting to say the important things and neglected to have gratitude for the precious –– and familiar moments. 

In a very new way I started to appreciate even the things that had a tendency to rile me. What if I could never feel the rain or take a taxi or wait on a line. I considered my dear friend whose life is ending now and thought, just a simpe walk would have such meaning to her. I thought of all the things I would yearn to feel or do one more time if I were her.

I feel re-awoken in my life and for today I'm reminded that life is not a given but an offering, and supremely amazing. 

With love, Paula