Love Note #3


Empathy isn’t easy–– but important things seldom are.

Showing up with empathy is difficult. We are taught to compete, not understand. We are shown how to keep going without regard for how we or others might be feeling. 

Can you count how many times you have heard "Don't cry." instead of "Why are you sad?" even by the well meaning?

Its true, empathy isn't instinctual, but learning how is what makes us conscious and evolving humans, instead of one of the characters in Darwin's natural selection.

When a person comes to you with a problem do you meet them in judgment or do you offer them an open mind and heart. Do you listen instead of advise? 

Showing up with empathy is difficult, it takes your effort, your time, your care.

But it's precisely what will lead you to your own loving heart.

With love, Paula