Love Note #10



Do you know anyone that isn’t looking for it or wouldn’t like a bit more than they currently have? Seems that love and happiness are two of our greatest desires and, as it goes with desires, we often feel that they are out of our hands. 

Recently, I decided to figure out how to create happiness instead of just of feeling like a victim in an endless wait for its arrival. Funny thing is, by doing the few things I mention below, I believe I am even happier now than when the universe actually graces me with the happiness jackpot.

I found that the key, for me, is gratitude. The really great thing is that just like with disappointment, the more gratitude I felt, the more good things I found to have gratitude for.

Things literally got better and better because, let me tell you, when I started this practice it seemed, to my mind, that things were getting worse and worse.

I’d like to share a few of the practical things I used to take charge of my mind and open my heart:

  • I wrote two things that “were” working in my life each day. The surprise was — I found many.
  • I made another list of all the ways I am cared for. This was very powerful, as I can tend to feel lonely in a crowd and instead, I saw love everywhere I looked.
  • This led to appreciation. I realized how much people actually did for me on a daily basis. They did things out of the kindness of their hearts, but not just that, I realized they did these things because they love me. Coming to realize this brought me indescribable joy.
  • I remembered to do one thing for myself each day, and that reminded me to also take the time to do something for someone else. I think about doing things a lot, but I actually made the time to do them. What was remarkable here was that somehow I found more time in my day to do more, not less. Somehow doing good things added time to my life.

As I was moving through this experiment I realized how important it was to create my own happiness. As I did, the current of happiness just got stronger.  It may be hard to believe but happiness is possible.

Happy Holiday and remember Give Thanks.

Love, Paula