The Next Chapter

I’m so excited to be launching this blog with a team of wonderful people helping me. Its has been an step into reclaiming my identity as a teacher and healer.

I have worked hard to be a supportive pillar for Reflections to firmly root and then grow.  I’m proud to say in its 7th year it is doing well and serving many. 

Though it is my supportive base, I’m at the next chapter of my journey. The first part of what comes next has been a beautiful path to motherhood. This has been where so many of my important life lessons have culminated. Of all the things I have done in my life, this has expanded and made me question the most.

 I have closely watched all the turns on my path. From a very early on I knew that my life, lived in a raw way, as the conscious observer, would be my teacher and ultimately what I would have to share. I have had many important teachers on the path to guide and mold my "seeing" Bonnie Bainbridge, Stephen Gilligan, as well as Eido Shimano Roshi
in all his infamy and yes love. 

I am sure they each said many profound things, but what I heard was: Love. I think I have been able to sit closely with this very important concept and its many layers. I say 'think', because what I do know is the veils keep shedding and I will be learning and understanding for life times. In this second phase of my life I hope  I have some truthful and honest stuff to share.

What I feel confident about is that finding a relationship to love is the way. It is what all the disconnects we feel are seeking –– how to love and be love. Its true between you and your parents, your beloved and even your boss. All relationships boil down to it and stem from it. 

My work now is about setting it free. Yes, its in there. As I settle more deeply into my counseling practice, what I hope to offer is sacred and safe space  for people to find it for themselves. Whether it be in generative trace or a hypnotic yoga class this relationship can be experienced.