Remembering Love


"You love me too much!" I remember the day I told you this, the pained look on your face.


I love him too much!  I see you in me, the pain and joy of loving someone so deeply it makes you tremble. 

 The future, now a string of happenings I cannot control.

The mind,  endless worry: "What if ...

Take a breath— no–– hold your breath and let him go,.. while a part of you dies inside. 


I understand now that he will tell me the same thing one day."You love me too much!"

I’ll want to reach out, like you did, Tell him, "Thats not possible. I'm filling you my sweet boy. I filling you will all that really matters.  

I'll want to say, "Live as love, so in your presence they can feel that you stand in the confidence of knowing love and give it freely." 

Because you, like me, never felt its scarcity.

You taught me many things. You taught me one thing ... to love.